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Lock and Windows Security Slow to Appear in XenApp 6.5 desktop session

Clients – Windows XP Thin Client T5740, Receiver 3.1

Servers – Windows 2008 R2, XenApp 6.5

Problem: When end users were selecting the Start> Windows Security or Start > Arrow > Lock option in the desktop menus there is a 10 – 20 second delay before the menu appears. It also affected volume control speed and even the ability to select the Speaker icon on the task bar.

Solution: Microphone redirection. Disable anything to do with microphone redirection and then the menus listed above should then appear instantly.


HDX Volume control sync Server and Client broken

Citrix Support the volume control sync / mute of a Desktop session to also control the HDX media volume playing out on the client.

After upgrading to Citrix Receiver 3.0 this functionality stopped.
HDX Flash Content would be streamed to the client side and would play, but if the XenApp session volume was muted – the HDX content would continue to play – the only way to mute was via any flash enabled controls (if they existed).

If the XenApp session is ‘muted’ the HDX content will still stream to the end users desktop ignoring the controls in the session.

Most users do not notice or care

Resolution: (no permament solution found yet)
We have a call raised with citrix to investigate

Our temporary solution is rolling back clients to the 12.1 version of the citrix ICA Client.
Receiver 3.0 and Receiver 3.1 both do not sync volume controls.

This was tested on a Xen App 5.0 FR3 R01 farm and a brand spanking new XenApp 6.5 Farm – All failed with the Receivers 3.0 and 3.1.

We are not of the opinion this is related to anythign else in our environment other than the ICA Client / Receiver upgrade.

We await further results from citrix.

This feature has been removed as part of receiver 3.0 + as this was crashing the XP workstations / ica clients.

The feature is only availably in later model Clients OS (windows 7 for example) running the receiver, other wise ICA client 12.1 is the last client to support XP local HDX volume sync