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WebEx Install on Citrix XenApp 6.5, PVS Image and Appsense 8.3

Problem: Our webex client would install on the xenapp image ok for any user, webex would connect and work ok first time, subsequent attempts to connect to a test meeting would crash the webex client.

Solution – Create a SYMLINK
Ensure that Appsense AM Agent is STOPPED before beginning the install. It was preventing the installation from completing 100% (even though you get no feedback that the install has failed)

Run the cisco webex client offline installation from the cisco website

Start the Appsense AM Agent

Create a (symlink) as WEBEX is stupid enough to install itself into c:\programdata\webex
to ensure all users had their own webex installation be sure to run the following command to creation a directory junction point.
h=userhomedrive or other personal drive they have full access to
mklink /D c:\programdata\webex\webex1124 h:\webex

Open Internet explorer and connect to www.webex.com/test-meeting.html and test the login – the client should open fine and connect

Solution – Already installed but broken:
Stop Appsense AM Agent
Run the webex offline installer and remove all components
Browse to c:\programdata and DELETE the webex folder
Now follow the ‘Solution – Fresh Install’ above.

Good luck!