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Connect to the XenServer console of an SDX Appliance to administer a VPX instance

Situation: We restored a ns.conf file to a Citrix Netscaler VPX running on an Netscaler SDX platform, however the device didnt come back online and the instance remained RED on the SDX interface.

Typically the ipaddress of the SDX XenServer is 1 greater than the host
By default the SDX SVM (Management Service) will be, then Xenserver hypervisor will be

Putty to the IP address of the SDX XenServer Instance

login: root
pass: nsroot

List all sessions running under xen server
xl list

Find the corresponding ID number of the VM in the display and then

xl session xx


This will start an ssh session to the virtual device in question. Press up or enter key to begin working in the virtual console.

CTRL + ] will quit

XenServer Unable to Start VM

Problem: VM Was suspended and the ISO was still mounted. The server wasnot used for quite some time. Xenserver was rebooted 3-4 times since power off. WHen trying to resume the Suspended VM the error mesage was

“There were not servers available to start VM ‘X'”

“This VM needs storage that cannot be seen from that server.”

Citrix Solution:


This solution didnt fix my problem however.

Even pressing the shutdown / hardpower off guest wouldnt work as that would result in the xenconsole error of “There were no servers available to complete the specified operation”

So the catch 22 was that I couldnt EDIT the VM while it was suspended, I couldnt start it while the ISO was missing (even though it was still there) and I couldnt remove the CDROM while the system was in the suspended state. Thank you citrix.

My Not so Elegant Solution: SSH to the console of the xenserver and run the following command to hard power off the VM, then remove the CDROM, then turn it back on.


xe vm-reset-powerstate force=true vm=x

vm can simply match (cAsE senSitIve) the name in the XenConsole of the server.