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Biztalk 2009 fails SWIFT Setup – cant add Domain Groups

Problem: During the configuration of the Biztalk Accelerator for SWIFT configuration
When configuring the MCRR features
The setup would complete but would be unable to add the domain ‘groups’ specified for Admins and Users
i.e. A4SWIFT Administrators Group; A4SWIFT Users Group.

The setup would complete but with errors and from the logs it was obvious the system was attempting to add a local user – though a domain group was specified.

[15:12:37 Error ConfigHelper] Windows NT user or group ‘SERVERBizTalk Application users’ not found. Check the name again.
[15:12:37 Error ConfigHelper] SQL error: 42000 Native error code: 15401

The work around for us was as follows:
Ensure that the Biztalk Host Name is the default of ‘BizTalkServerApplication’ (under Biztalk Server 2009 Admin Console) > BizTalk group > Platform Settings > Hosts

(during the setup we changed ours to BizTalkServerApplication_TEST) Biztalk SWIFT setup was unable to obtain the BizTalk Server Host Name thus SWIFT setup failed.

We also had to reregister the following assembly files.

From the command promt we ran:

btstask.exe AddResource -Type:System.BizTalk:BizTalkAssembly -Source:”%programfiles(x86)%Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFTAssembliesMicrosoft.Solutions.FinancialServices.SWIFT.MX.RuntimeSchemas.dll”
btstask.exe AddResource -Type:System.BizTalk:BizTalkAssembly -Source:”%programfiles(x86)%Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFTAssembliesMicrosoft.Solutions.FinancialServices.SWIFT.RuntimeSchemas.dll”

Further details to follow from Microsoft for a hotfix / patch / KB Article.

note: we also had a leftover “biztalk host instance” listed as a service on the server. While it was set to automatic startup – it was obviously not started. We recreated the same named Host instance and then deleted it – and Biztalk removed it successfully.