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Move the Citrix Edgesight SSRS report path

We recently had to move the Citrix Edgesight SSRS report server for a client for their Citrix Edgesight services.

Worth noting the following caveats when moving the SSRS report server location from edgesight

  1. All Custom reports are deleted
  2. All existing report subscriptions are deleted
  3. The standard edgesight reports will be uploaded to the new server under http://%server%/%reports%/Citrix/Edgesight/GUID/*
  4. Only the default edgesight schedules are created

NOTE: This does not affect any alerts / alert rules you have configured – these are left intact. (which is great!)

Citrix edgesight SSRS move alert

Also permissions for the service account need to be set as follows

  • Administrator role under Site-wide Security to allow uploading of schedules.
  • Administrator role in the root folder of the SSRS site to allow uploading of reports.
  • “Log on Locally” user right on the SSRS server.

Note the report services path can changed from within the edgesight console

  1. login as someone with edgesight admin rights (manage server settings)
  2. Configure Tab
  3. Reporting Services
  4. Report server

Citrix edgesight SSRS Configuration page

Reference: How to move the Citrix Edgesight SSRS report path