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How to factory reset a Netscaler SDX device

Whilst this is relatively self explanatory there are a few things around doing this that are useful to know

Log into the SDX and go to Configuration > Management Service > Backup Files > Action > Factory Reset


You will be presented with the following three options


Explained here:

Reset (Without Network Configuration)—Retain the IP addresses of the Management Service and XenServer. This option destroys all VPX’s also wipes the licence file, certificates but keeps the current active firmware of SDX. It also keeps the SDX network configurations like LACP bondings

Reset (With Network Configuration)—Management Service and XenServer restart with the default IP addresses ( for the SDX Management and for Xenserver)  This option destroys all VPX’s also wipes the licence file, certificates but keeps the current active firmware of SDX.

Appliance Reset—Completely wipe out the device. Loose everything configured (network, certs, vpx’s, licenses etc) but also the appliance reverts its firmware to what it was delivered with.

Connect to the XenServer console of an SDX Appliance to administer a VPX instance

Situation: We restored a ns.conf file to a Citrix Netscaler VPX running on an Netscaler SDX platform, however the device didnt come back online and the instance remained RED on the SDX interface.

Typically the ipaddress of the SDX XenServer is 1 greater than the host
By default the SDX SVM (Management Service) will be, then Xenserver hypervisor will be

Putty to the IP address of the SDX XenServer Instance

login: root
pass: nsroot

List all sessions running under xen server
xl list

Find the corresponding ID number of the VM in the display and then

xl session xx


This will start an ssh session to the virtual device in question. Press up or enter key to begin working in the virtual console.

CTRL + ] will quit

Netscaler SDX not configuring port aggregate channels within VPX instances

SItuation: Channels (LA/x) in the VPX do not exist nor are they passed through when provisioned from the SDX netscaler device.

Resolution: The channels are created only once, so if they are deleted or the devices are restored to another device then you must remove all channels, add a dummy channel like 1.8, reboot the VPX, then reassign the LA/x channels again for the creation of the LA/x channels inside the VPX.