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Issue with VMWare workstation network bridging

We found a network bridging issue for a client running VMWare workstation 10. The VM would ‘sometimes’ connect to the production / corporate network and obtain a DHCP address. Othertimes it would not and it would get an APIPA address instead. (169.254.x.x)

Various internet posts suggested

  • Disconnecting the Virtual nic – NO SUCCESS
  • Upgrade the VM tools – NO SUCCESS

couldn’t even mount the ISO for some reason, so the .iso’s are located here(“C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware View\Client\Local Mode”) for future reference so you can extract and then manually run the installation.

  • Remove and re add the NIC  – NO SUCCESS


Turns out that when bridging mode is set to ‘automatic’ VMWare workstation will bind to any and all available network cards. (Bluetooth, wifi, other VMNics, Virtual box etc) So its a bit of pot luck when it connect to the production network and not the others.

  • Open the Virtual Network editor
  • Edit the appropriate ‘bridged’ network and select the appropriate NIC to bridge

  • Be sure the configuration of the VM’s NIC is set to BRIDGED or is bound to the VMNetX that is configured for bridging.

Note: Besure to run the Virtual Network Editor as an administrator else you will not be able to change settings.

Non Admin


Help Files not working over Network or When under Citrix Published App

We had a stupid applicaiton that published itself from a network share – including the help files.

Windows introduced security for this from Internet explorer to block these from running etc

to change the security for these help files to be displayed follow this




VMWare Tools 7.0 upgrade on Windows NT 4.0 Server

Situation: We were running Windows Nt 4.0 on VMWARE with Vmware Tools 4.0.
We needed to upgrade to VMWARE Tools 7.0 (including the Hardware)

The tools upgraded easily (surprisingly) but after the power off, snapshot, and upgrade HW of the virtual server, the network stopped working.

Logging on the server was using cached credentials (first obvious error)
Secondly trying to start the device (Start > control panel > devices > VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter)
Resulted in
“Could not start the VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter service on \server”
“Error 0031: A device attached to the system is not functioning”

Reinstalling the tools would result in “vmware setup failed to install the vmxnet driver automatically”

Solution: The below attached VMWARE KB article is not entirely correct though was helpful

The process was

1) remove the ethernet adapter entirely (take NOTE OF THE IP address DETAILS FIRST)

2) reboot

3) install a NEW adapter (start > control panel > network > Adapters tab) + Add

4) Copy the driver files for the vmxnet from c:program filesvmwarevmware toolsdriversvmxnet to c:vmxnet

(we had issues with windows nt.40 figuring out the path with spaces – even 8.3 names didnt work)

5) it should discover its a new Adapter and install successfully

6) provide the old IP address details and ENSURE you include a WINS address or on the WINS tab enable DNS for Windows resolution if you dont have a WINS Server

7) restart

8) don’t get scared by the Windows NT 4.0 Startup blue screen of death look alike! 🙂

References: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1018546