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Apple Mac OSX Security and Privacy Allow Button is not working


From time to time there seems to be some ongoing issues where Apple Mac OSX Security and Privacy Allow Button is not working.

No matter how many times you click ‘allow’ it simple doesn’t function (yet the button highlights blue as if its been pressed) and this happens regardless of whether you unlock the ‘padlock’ to make changes.

Seems its something to do with actually clicking the allow button when you are attempting to unblock system extensions via the Security and Privacy system preferences.

This also doesn’t seems to be resolved with removing mouse / track pad preferences as some sites have suggest.

Image result for allow button not working mac


Effectively we are going to program a click on the button using Apple Script instead of a manual mouse click using the Screenshot program to get the coordinates of the allow button when the system preferences window is open.

  1. Open the Apple Script editor (Applications > Utilities > Script Editor)

2. Enter the following

tell application "System Events"
	click at {x, y}
end tell

3. Use Command > Shift and 4 (Mac OSX Built in selective screenshot tool) and hover the cursor over your ‘allow’ button which will give you the x and y coordinates for the ‘click’

Cursor when the selective screenshot is active (use the displayed numbers for your X and Y coordinates)


4. Enter the correct coordinates in the script then press the Play button

The allow button should then ‘be pressed’ as expected giving you access to see the extensions that are blocked so you can selective enable them then click OK.

Hope this helps


Logic Pro X Error: "ProjectInformation.plist" couldn't be opened

My Logic Project Files are saved directly to my Google Drive on my macbook.

I have obviously had an error with the synchronisation of a logic X project file and when trying to open it received the error
The file “Projectinformation.pslist” couldn’t be opened because the is no such file.
Logic Error projectinformation.plist

I havent tested this in all scenarios so BACKUP your existing files and keep a copy elsewhere first.

1) create a blank package / logicX file
2) copy out the resourcesProjectinformation.plist folder and file
3) locate my logic x project and ‘Right Click’ > show package contents (all i had left was an alternatives directory)
4) drag and drop in the ‘replacement’ Resources directory
5) open it in logic x
6) quickly save as another version / copy

Some audio files were missing, but the majority of the project loaded and gave me enough to not have to completely start again.

Logic Pro 9 Install Macbook Pro CD Stuck

Scenario: During the installation of Logic 9 (Logic Studio) and on Mac OS X 10.8, the installer can prompt for the next CD / DVD but not actually eject the current disc.

A force eject doesnt work, and no amount of prodding, poking or ejecting or draging to the trash, or using disk util works…


Solution: open terminal and run the following

besure not to click cancel installation otherwise the DVDROM will be locked until reboot

sudo drutil eject

enter your sudo password

disc ejects

continue install with next disc

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