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Logic Pro X Error: "ProjectInformation.plist" couldn't be opened

My Logic Project Files are saved directly to my Google Drive on my macbook.

I have obviously had an error with the synchronisation of a logic X project file and when trying to open it received the error
The file “Projectinformation.pslist” couldn’t be opened because the is no such file.
Logic Error projectinformation.plist

I havent tested this in all scenarios so BACKUP your existing files and keep a copy elsewhere first.

1) create a blank package / logicX file
2) copy out the resourcesProjectinformation.plist folder and file
3) locate my logic x project and ‘Right Click’ > show package contents (all i had left was an alternatives directory)
4) drag and drop in the ‘replacement’ Resources directory
5) open it in logic x
6) quickly save as another version / copy

Some audio files were missing, but the majority of the project loaded and gave me enough to not have to completely start again.