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Citrix Netscaler HTTPS to HTTPS Redirection

A client wanted to retire an old Netscaler Gateway URL for their remote access system (used for legacy) with a new Netscaler Gateway URL (netscaler https to https redirection)

As all users of the link were external and globally based, had saved shortcuts, IE favourites etc so to 1) continue un-interrupted service and 2) reduce service desk calls it made sense to redirect the old URL to the new URL for all users (Especially those users that would ignore the Change notification to update their shortcuts!)

A quick and simple way to achieve this on Citrix Netscaler 10.5 is to use a Load Balancing Virtual Server (LBVS), assign no ‘services’ (so it is permanently marked down) and set a backup URL.

  1. Create the HTTPS/SSL LBVS

  1. Add SSL Certificate and Protection nodes to the VS (click the +)

  1. Bind the Certificate of the legacy Netscaler Gateway VS to the LBVS

We have a Wildcard Certificate for all our Netscaler Gateways

  1. Under protection set the Redirect URL to your new Netscaler Gateway URL

  1. As the LBVS will be marked down (no other services bound to it) it will permanently redirect to the new URL

Note: the redirect URL can also be configured on a Content Switching Virtual Server