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WordPress Theme upload error 'are you sure you want to do this'

Problem: Was trying to upload a custom wordpress theme from themeforest.net and during the upload the theme uploader was crashing out prompting with ‘Are you sure you wan to do this? Please try again.’


Solution: Easy one really, ensure you are uploading the WordPress theme only and no other (the zip file will typically be the name of the theme.

The zip file will typically be:

themename.zip > themename.themeversion > with css, img, inc, js languages and plugins folders and a bunch of php files.

Good luck!

Logic Pro X Error: "ProjectInformation.plist" couldn't be opened

My Logic Project Files are saved directly to my Google Drive on my macbook.

I have obviously had an error with the synchronisation of a logic X project file and when trying to open it received the error
The file “Projectinformation.pslist” couldn’t be opened because the is no such file.
Logic Error projectinformation.plist

I havent tested this in all scenarios so BACKUP your existing files and keep a copy elsewhere first.

1) create a blank package / logicX file
2) copy out the resourcesProjectinformation.plist folder and file
3) locate my logic x project and ‘Right Click’ > show package contents (all i had left was an alternatives directory)
4) drag and drop in the ‘replacement’ Resources directory
5) open it in logic x
6) quickly save as another version / copy

Some audio files were missing, but the majority of the project loaded and gave me enough to not have to completely start again.

Netscaler ERROR: Invalid private key, or PEM pass phrase required for this private key

When adding a new cert (or replacement cert) from the command line we received the above error.
The original key was used with openssl and there was no passphrase for the key file.
Simply converting the key (not the cert) from the Netscaler shell worked using the following command:
openssl rsa -in ‘originalkeyfile’ –out ‘newkeyfile’ fixes the file and allows for addition of the certificate and its key to the netscaler

Adding the cert to the netscaler from the command line
add certkey CERTIFICATE_FULL_NAME.cer -cert /nsconfig/ssl/MYCERT_CERT.cer -key /nsconfig/ssl/MYCERT_KEY.key