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PVS vDisk extension results in windows boot manager failure


Our C: drive on a test PVS image (Private mode acccess) was nearly full

We extended the vDisk following this process

  1. Open Cmd Prompt
  2. diskpart
  3. Select vDisk file=”Path to your PVS vDisk”
  4. List vDisk
  5. expand vDisk maximum=xxxxx (in Mb) (61440 for 60GB etc)
  6. attach vDisk
  7. list Disk
  8. list volume
  9. Select volume x
  10. extend
  11. List volume
  12. detach vDisk
  13. exit

After detattching and booting the Test PVS Server windows wouldn’t boot with a System volume couldnt be accessed



Repeat steps 3,6 and 12 to reattach the disk and deattach the vdisk cleanly then boot the VM.