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Disable android wireless quality checking

In an update of Android OS Google introduced the smart auto wireless performance checking.

When connecting to a wireless network you would see, “checking the quality of your internet connection”Screenshot_2015-05-30-14-39-44


Effectively android checks the speed of the wireless connection to the Internet if its not stable or quick enough this thr connection is deemed unsuitable for use and then disconnects you or will leave you on the mobile network provider.

This can be a problem in web cafes and hotel wireless where they block the ability to check, force signup or the speed is just to slow. This also slows the wireless negotiation process down and can be rather frustrating all round..

Resolution: disable the smart network switch under wireless settings

Android – settings cog – wifi – and untick smart network switch

Android with smart network switch disabled
Android with smart network switch disable


How Apple Vs Android when running Citrix as a desktop replacement


So how does Apple Vs Android when running Citrix as a desktop replacement if we utilise them (android or apple devices) as replacements to our traditional desktop or laptop device?

After recently getting access to the fantastic Citrix X1 mouse (thank you Citrix!) I decided to quickly put together the pros and cons of Android vs Apple when running the Citrix receiver (especially if you were thinking of using a touch device as a replacement to a desktop/laptop) when your device is paired with an external keyboard, (Citrix X1) mouse and screen.

Apple: Testing with iPhone 5 (iOS 8.1.3), iPad Air (iOS 8.1.2) coupled with a lightening to HDMI cable,

Android: Testing Samsung S5 Phone (SM-G900F running Android 5.0) and Samsung 7″ Tablet (SM-T210 running Android 4.4.2) coupled with a MicroUSB to HDMI adapter

Monitors: Dell 19” and 30″ external displays


Device comparison when used as a laptop/desktop replacement in combination with Citrix X1 mouse. Apple Android Notes
Receiver Required (for mouse support) Specific R1 Receiver Any Citrix receiver
Mouse Support X1 Only Many including X1
X1 Mouse Usability Perfect Perfect
Mouse can be used with other parts of OS No Yes
Re-pairing mouse required? No No
Re-pairing keyboard required? Yes No
Keyboard OS Shorcuts working (Start menu) No No *Could be the BT keyboard we were using (Logitech DiNovo Edge – further testing required), CTRL + ESC worked on android, not on apple.
Dual Monitor No No
Mirrored or Separate external display? Separate & Independent Separate & Independent *mirrored if using iPad Air
Max External Resolution tested 1280×720 1920×1024**  *1024×768 on iPad Air** Resolution available on 30″ monitor and TV not the 19″
Orientation of device affect session? No* No * Yes if using iPad
Session Speed Like Local Slightly slower than local* * This is likely due to the huge external resolution being delivered (Android:1920×1080) vs (Apple:1024 x 768)
Can use another device as touch based trackpad? Yes No

The Android device natively supports a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (Citrix X1 mouse or not). The entire android device can be navigated using the keyboard and X1 mouse and the external screen resolution (usb to HDMI cable) reached a whopping 1920x1080p. The normal Citrix receiver worked flawlessly with the external mouse and keyboard and the external screen worked as independently from the Android device.

The Apple device was limited to the X1 mouse only, yet as fabulous as the new mouse is, it only worked in the remote Citrix session (could not interact with the rest of the phone) and the maximum resolution available from the iOS device for Citrix sessions was 1280×720 and 1024×768 for iPad Air

With the flexibility of choice and better external resolution offered from an Android device this would personally be my choice as the device to replace my work desktop or laptop, though as I use multiple monitors its not quite there yet for me!

It isnice to actually have an option to use Apple devices thanks to the recent prototype of the Citrix X1 mouse.

I would love to hear your experience with Apple Vs Android especially in what scenarios you may be able to use these devices instead of traditional PC / Mac / Thin clients?