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App-V 5 local publishing of an App-V client package

Here is a quick tip for App-V 5 local publishing of an App-V client package

After packaging an application recently, we wanted to test it locally first before adding to the App-V shared content store, or distributing it via the App-V infrastructure mode servers etc.

You may however come across some errors when trying to add and publish the appv package similar to the below.

add-appvclientpackage : Application Virtualization Service failed to complete requested operation.
Operation attempted: Retrieve Package and Version IDs From Package URL.
AppV Error Code: 0C80070002.
Error module: Streaming Manager. Internal error detail: 74F00F0C80070002.
Please consult AppV Client Event Log for more details.
At line:1 char:1
+ add-appvclientpackage “C:\admin\G&G IP v4.3.2015.49 OSL\G&G IP v4.3.2015.49 OSL. …
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidResult: (:) [Add-AppvClientPackage], ClientException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : RetrieveGuidsFromPackageURL,Microsoft.AppV.AppvClientPowerShell.AddAppvPackage

Some things to keep in mind when publishing from a local source.

  • Run the powershell console as an administrator
  • Ensure your content is pointing to a UNC share path not a direct path (even though direct is apparently supported?)
  • Ensure the Network Service account has permission to access this local folder or path

So, instead of: add-appvclientpackage “C:\folder\ApplicationName\ApplicationName.appv”

Share it and try: add-appvclientpackage “\\server\folder\\ApplicationName\ApplicationName.appv


Full command to add a package locally, publish it and mount it:

Add-AppvClientPackage -Path ” \\server\folder\\ApplicationName\ApplicationName.appv ” | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global | Mount-AppvClientPackage