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AD Isolated FTP access just stops working

Problem: User ‘x’ failed to log on, could not access the home directory /. These error messages logged when user logs into an AD isolated FTP site. There were no changes to the server recently or the user accounts the site access just stopped working.

The FTP account listed in the error message to access the site was not locked out, nor had the password changed.

Exact Error Message:
EventID: 13

There are a number of resolutions here our solution in this instance was item *3
1) End user permissions to the directories (check the msiisftp Attributes of the user account under ADSI Edit for teh Home Drive and FTP Path)
2) Some configurations need the anonymous account IUSR_’Computername’ added for access.
*3) The AD isolated FTP site was created initially with an account to query / look up AD records that has locked out, has an expired password or is no longer available. (there is no obvious setting as to what initial account was used to query AD in the FTP site configuration) The FTP site needs to be recreated with an appropriate and working account to query AD. (In our instance we were able to use any domain user – and created an account specifically for this)