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Citrix Netscaler Gateway – Some apps sporadically appearing

Scenario: 2 Citrix XenApp farms (6.5 and a 4.5)

The 6.5 apps were always appearing and working ok

The 4.5 apps would sporadically appear or even disappear during a refresh of the Gaeway page ‘ Some applications have been removed’ even if these applications had the option to allow via access gateway UNTICKED



One of the 2 servers for the 4.5 farm did not have the Trust XML option enabled, once this was enabled the application stayed hidden!


Citrix ICA SSL Error on MAC OSX

Author: James Scanlon

Updated: 07/02/2012 


  1. When logging into Citrix on MAC OSX using Firefox, some users may get the following error’You have not chosen to trust “Verisign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL SGC CA”, the issuer of the server’s security certificate (SSL error 183)’
  2. Open Firefox preferences + Advanced Tab
  3. View Certificates button
  4. In the Certificates dialog, switch to the Authorities tab and find the “Verisign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL SGC CA” entry 
  5. Click on the Export button and give the file an extension of .crt – save to the desktop
  6. Double click the .crt file on the desktop + click Add
  7. Right Click the newly imported certificate + Get Info + Change the Trust option to + Always Trust
  8. Try to relaunch the Citrix Access

Access Gateway timesout on Web interface client download

Description: Access Gateway and WI function normally, however the citrix client download link for devices WITHOUT the client link works, but the client download simply times out.

Run wireshark on the WI server and determine if the download link request is getting through from the Access Gateway

If no firewall issue check for no “TCPZero Window” items are listed from Wireshark capture as its likely the Access gateway MTU on its Ethernet interface is too large, try reducing it.

In our instance we reduced the physical access gateways MTU from 1500 to 1400.