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Citrix NetScaler Certificates – Install your CA Response Cert

We will now take the Certificate response file (CRT file) from our 3rd party Certificate Authority (CA) and install it onto the NetScaler device, then using both the CRT and Private key to combine and finally create a fully functional NetScaler certificate.

Step Description Screenshot
 1 Expand Traffic Management > SSL > SSL Files

Click Upload

2 Browse for your Certificate file (provided by your 3rd Party CA)

Click Open

Note: The file is uploaded to the NetScaler but not yet usable!

3 Browse to Traffic Management > SSL > Server Certificates

Click Install

4 Give the new ‘Server Certificate’ a unique easily identifiable name

Certificate File: Choose the Certificate you just uploaded in step 2

Key File Name: select your private key file that is on the NetScaler

Provide the private key password

Click Install

5 Your certificate is now installed and ready to be used on NetScaler services, VIPs, NetScaler gateway etc.

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