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Configure Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway – ICA Proxy


Item Description
 * DNS is configured on the NetScaler correctly
 * The internal or private IP Address of the VIP assigned to the NetScaler Gateway *
* Know the details of your Citrix Server STA (our Citrix DDC(s))
 * Firewall ports are open between the NetScaler and the StoreFront server
 * StoreFront already configured and setup (otherwise retrieve attributes doesn’t work)

In this section of the course we will connect the NetScaler Unified Gateway to our Citrix XA/XD Environment for ICA Proxy (Citrix sessions, no VPN).

Here you will see how quickly you can set up, secure and enable remote access to your Citrix environment via the NetScaler Unified Gateway.

NOTE: you must have an active Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop server and a StoreFront server to proceed with the following steps

Create the NetScaler Unified Gateway – Wizard

Step Description Screenshot
1 Log into NetScaler

Click Unified Gateway in the Left Pane under ‘Integrate with Citrix Products’

2 Click Get Started
3 Click Continue
 4 Enter the following details as appropriate for your configuration
Use the existing certificate already installed

Click Continue

 5 Select the appropriate LDAP server

Click Continue

6 Change Portal Theme to the New RFWebUI

(note RFWebUI does not currently work with SAML)

7 Click the + Icon
8 Select XenApp & XenDesktop

Select Integration point as StoreFront

 9 Enter the Details of your XA&XD STA and StoreFront server URLs then click Retrieve Stores

Receiver for Web Path will appear and be validated providing it can contact your Storefront server

Click Continue

Click Done
 10 You will be returned to the Applications Page and a StoreFront application will appear
11 Click Continue
12 On the summary page click Done
 13 Access the Unified Gateway Page and check you can log into the NetScaler page
14 Select Clientless Access

Click Desktops and ensure you can see your XA&XD Desktops

Load the desktop to ensure a full end to end test is performed


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