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Citrix NetScaler Certficates – Creating a CSR Request

Step Description Screenshot
1 Log into the NetScaler web interface

2 Now that our private key has been created we need to create a Certificate Signing Request and sign it with our private key

Expand SSL > SSL Files

Click CSRs

Then click Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

3 In our example we will enter these details shown:

Then click Create

Request File name: gateway.jsconsulting.services.csr

Key Filename: gateway.jsconsulting.services.privatekey

Key Format: PEM

PEM Passphrase: <private key password here>

Digest Method: SHA256

Common Name: gateway.jsconsulting.services

Organisation Name: JS Consulting Services

Organisational Unit: Technologies

Email Address: <your email address>

City: London

State or Province: London


 4 CSR is created and signed with the private key all stored on the NetScaler in /nsconfig/ssl

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