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AppV 5 Publishing Error 0x74F00F0C


Added a new list of Computers to begin accessing our App-V 5 Infrastructure.

The access to the servers and share are driven by AD Group “App-V Citrix Computers” and “App-V LT or DT Computers” etc


AppV 5 Publishing Error 0x74F00F0C

Event ID: 1008, Error, Logname Microsoft-AppV-Client/Admin

With creating the new group for desktops and laptops to start accessing the AppV infrastructure we started getting

Package {b10fe46f-1d9e-449e-94dc-b6f3e1b0bf47} version {c8df57be-6ed3-49f6-8611-bb7e1c896a3a} failed configuration in folder ” with error 0x74F00F0C-0x80070043


Ensure the above groups (that App-V is publishing too) have read access to the App-V content store. Otherwise they will get the publication from App-V Infrastructure mode – but have none of the rights to access the packages and files it contains.


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