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Citrix Edgesight email test works but Edgesight alert emails not sending


After the setup of a new Edgesight server it was noticed that the notifications settings of the Citrix Edgesight server were correct and when testing them would get an instant email from the edgesight server (Server Configuration > Settings > Notifications > Test Email button)


However when testing an Edgesight alert the ‘Alert’ emails weren’t coming through, even though we had successfully tested above!



After checking the usual thing slike can Edgesight talk to the exchange server, is relay allowed for the IP address of the Edgesight server in the exchange server etc the following steps were performed:

  1. Check core_zalertq_actions and cote_zalertq_recv were listed as running under Server Status > Server script host and if no start them or reboot the server and check they have startedcitrix_edgesight_alerts
  2. If they are ok Check that the server name matches the FQDN of the SSL certificate on the Edgesight server under ‘Server Configuration > Settings > Notifications’ By default Edgesight will only fill in the HOSTNAME which wont work with the SSL settings on the Edgesight servercitrix_edgesight_notificationsettings





And after writing all this I found the official Citrix article – http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX126701 .. so could have saved myself repeating it all! Grrr 🙂

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