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Storefront 2.5 gets mandatory shortcut creation!

With the release of storefront 2.5 we can make published applications mandatory within the Receiver and the storeweb, which is SWEET.

Publish the application and change its description to keyword: mandatory(subsequent keywords can be separate by a space i.e.

“keywords: mandatory featured”

Storefront2.5 with the mandatory keyword




If the mandatory keyword from the published application is removed, the shortcut stays, but a ‘remove’ option appears.

storefront mandatory shortcut removal


This also works in conjunction with the older style XenApp / web interface filtering I blogged about here. So I can have our internal PNAgent selectively filtering apps that have a description starting with #, and I can finally force company specific apps under the receiver, receiverweb and in the windows start menu and stop the ‘where have all my applications gone..?’ 🙂


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