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Logic Pro X Error: "ProjectInformation.plist" couldn't be opened

My Logic Project Files are saved directly to my Google Drive on my macbook.

I have obviously had an error with the synchronisation of a logic X project file and when trying to open it received the error
The file “Projectinformation.pslist” couldn’t be opened because the is no such file.
Logic Error projectinformation.plist

I havent tested this in all scenarios so BACKUP your existing files and keep a copy elsewhere first.

1) create a blank package / logicX file
2) copy out the resourcesProjectinformation.plist folder and file
3) locate my logic x project and ‘Right Click’ > show package contents (all i had left was an alternatives directory)
4) drag and drop in the ‘replacement’ Resources directory
5) open it in logic x
6) quickly save as another version / copy

Some audio files were missing, but the majority of the project loaded and gave me enough to not have to completely start again.


  1. TMoney says:

    I’m a little confused on number 1 and 2.
    Number 1: Do you mean create a blank LogicX project?
    Number 2: How would I copy out the resourcesProjectinformation.plist folder and file?

  2. Luke Bates says:

    I tried moving the recoursesProjectinformation.plist file from the blank Logic project to the broken on, but it came up with this message:

    The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “ProjectInformation.plist” can’t be read or written.
    (Error code -36)

    • JS says:

      Make sure you have taken a copy of the existing project
      Move it locally first (away from google drive or if its on portable USB storage or whatever)
      Try disabling Antivirus (if you even use it on mac)
      Try resetting permissions on the file / folder by right clicking the logic project & selecting Get Information
      Then at the bottom of the get info window under sharing and permissions ensure you have full control and read & write access
      Then try replacing the file again

  3. treia says:

    Hi , i can not replace the resources folder because i have no resources folder in the corrupted file, only have alternatives and the subfolders are empty. i have done every step and yes opens but with no information , as a empty new session. any advice? heeeelpp!!


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