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WebEx Install on Citrix XenApp 6.5, PVS Image and Appsense 8.3

Problem: Our webex client would install on the xenapp image ok for any user, webex would connect and work ok first time, subsequent attempts to connect to a test meeting would crash the webex client.

Solution – Create a SYMLINK
Ensure that Appsense AM Agent is STOPPED before beginning the install. It was preventing the installation from completing 100% (even though you get no feedback that the install has failed)

Run the cisco webex client offline installation from the cisco website

Start the Appsense AM Agent

Create a (symlink) as WEBEX is stupid enough to install itself into c:\programdata\webex
to ensure all users had their own webex installation be sure to run the following command to creation a directory junction point.
h=userhomedrive or other personal drive they have full access to
mklink /D c:\programdata\webex\webex1124 h:\webex

Open Internet explorer and connect to www.webex.com/test-meeting.html and test the login – the client should open fine and connect

Solution – Already installed but broken:
Stop Appsense AM Agent
Run the webex offline installer and remove all components
Browse to c:\programdata and DELETE the webex folder
Now follow the ‘Solution – Fresh Install’ above.

Good luck!


  1. Jay says:

    Having setup Meeting Manager 108 error when utilizing symbolic links to my homedrive. Not sure if AppSense AM has difficulties interpreting symbolic links when performing rights elevation. Did you run into any AM issues?

    • scanjam says:

      AM was a bitch. Had to add each and every file under the redirected path (not the path, just the name of each dll as the symbolic kink that am logs were blocking was the full servername and path to the user’s home drive) and ensure trusted owner was unticked.. also added programdatawebex as an allow … 🙂

    • scanjam says:

      It was the webex ‘presentation panel’ / login page. So they could watch the presentation and hear the presenters audio and that was about all we tested.
      The wyse terminals weren’t tested to pass thru audio etc.. though I see no reason why it wouldnt work?

  2. Tony Massa says:

    Be careful about deleting the C:ProgramDataWebEx folder. WebEx Network Recording Player puts it’s application in that folder as well. There should be a C:ProgramDataWebExWebEx1524 (not sure if the ‘1524’ is consistent across major releases) that you can delete that will fix the 99% problem, but it sometimes comes back.

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