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Appsense Hiving for users Printers but default not saving?


we had migrated our desktop from Xenapp 5.0 on w2008 sp2 (non r2) to XenApp6.5 2008 R2. This included an upgrade to Appsense 8.3 and introduction of Appsense personalisation.

Older applications still left on the old desktop needed the printer settings from the new desktop.

We had to set our new Appsense EM to hive the printer settings to the users home drive. (which was the old way)

Then on the old desktop (which was already hiving) the printers would be imported.

Hiving HKCUPrinters

Printing directly from the old desktop to the printers in question already worked, so it was not driver or server related.



The old desktop and applications were getting the printers, but some apps would not get any printers and the default printer was not being set correctly.


You also need to hive out

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows

KeyName: Device

Type: REG_SZ

Data: \serverprinter,winspool,Ne00:

Older applications that ccould only see the default printer then worked, as did the default setting of the printer

(Thats assuming that the provided default printer was of course installed, its drivers available etc)


Path Examples:

Home Drive


“\servershare\usernameHIVEPATHRegistrySoftware{;bks}Microsoft{;bks}Windows NT{;bks}CurrentVersion{;bks}Windows.%domain%_%username%”




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